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LEX FORI is a worldwide group of business law firms, united to provide their clients a broad based, efficient, multinational support network.

LEX FORI is a flexible, dynamic organization capable of channelling business to specialist lawyers as well as setting up multi-disciplinary teams.

LEX FORI helps clients with both short-term and long-term concerns: questions on foreign law, foreign acquisitions, simple or complex litigation, business development, distribution, tax issues,etc.

LEX FORI lawyer members can group together to combine their talents and language skills to provide a vast array of legal services.

LEX FORI's commitment is to efficiently adapt to client needs, and the defense of their interests, through an in-depth knowledge of the appropriate rules& regulations, customs and languages - saving time and energy, and avoiding costly mistakes.

This is the law of the future: a worldwide network for mutual benefit to ensure on-the-spot assistance for a quick, successful result.

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