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LEX FORI is a worldwide group of business law firms, united to provide their clients a broad based, efficient, multinational support network.

LEX FORI is a flexible, dynamic organization capable of channelling business to specialist lawyers as well as setting up multi-disciplinary teams.

LEX FORI helps clients with both short-term and long-term concerns: questions on foreign law, foreign acquisitions, simple or complex litigation, business development, distribution, tax issues,etc.

LEX FORI lawyer members can group together to combine their talents and language skills to provide a vast array of legal services.

LEX FORI's commitment is to efficiently adapt to client needs, and the defense of their interests, through an in-depth knowledge of the appropriate rules& regulations, customs and languages - saving time and energy, and avoiding costly mistakes.

This is the law of the future: a worldwide network for mutual benefit to ensure on-the-spot assistance for a quick, successful result.

LEX FORI: The place for international law

«Lex Fori» means 'the law of the FORUM', or the law of the land. This Latin phrase was in use when Roman law dominated the ancient cities we now call London, Paris, Rome, Istanbul,Brussels, Damascus, etc.

Later this phrase took the meaning: «the place where one discusses and resolves misunderstandings and conflicts.»

This Latin phrase stands for our willingness to provide our clients with an international meeting place for representation, feedback and advice.

«Lex Fori» symbolizes our willingness to work closely with our clients to help them know the law where ever they conduct their business. In spite of an ever-increasing number of international treaties and European laws, each country, economic area and jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations.

Our job is to supply legal support, independent advice and counsel necessary, so our clients can be equally at ease negotiating an agreement with a supplier in their own country, choosing a business partner on the other side of the globe, litigating with a local competitor, or collecting a debt thousands of kilometers from home.

LEX FORI: a wide range of capabilities

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Acquisitions - national and international
  • Restructuring
  • Contract negotiations
  • Creating firms and general coporate matters
  • Taxation
  • Estate planning and administration
  • Civil, commercial and labor litigation
  • Debt collection

LEX FORI: a standard of quality

Lex Fori guarantees quality control by coordinating its international actions through a centralized management and a director dedicated to the development and follow-up of the group's activities.

The management of Lex Fori is independently able to evaluate the quality of the services provided and make suggestions and recommendations necessary to improve performance of the services offered.

LEX FORI: the ethic

Trust between a lawyer and client is essential. This demands a rigorous ethic from the lawyer. Lex Fori emphatically supports this ethic. For the lawyers of Lex Fori, the interests of the clients are the first priority. This relationship of trust cannot exist if the client doubts the honesty, integrity, or the sincerity of his or her lawyer.


If you are already in contact with one of our offices, ask for more information.

You can also contact the Secretary General of Lex Fori. He will advise you on the nature of the legal or judicial assistance you need and will direct you to the member who can best help satisfy your legal needs.

You can call him at anytime for assistance with the member handling your matters.

Like all members of Lex Fori, the Secretary General is a lawyer. He, therefore, is bound by the same rigorous professional ethics and professional secrets. It is his responsibility to resolve difficulties and to prevent them.

European Economic Interest Grouping
Head office:
3, rue de la Chapelle
B.P. 758
L-2017 Luxembourg

Maitre Marc Jobert
Secretary General

Address: F-75781 Paris Cedex 16, France
Direct Line: 0033 1 45 27 77 77
Fax: 0033 1 45 25 47 81

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